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Faculty of Education

Background to the Faculty

Initially, the Faculty of Education was introduced in 2008 at Masoka, which is the main campus of SMMUCo; and it was given a responsibility to run Bachelor of Education, Arts (BEd (Arts) and Bachelor of Business Administration with Education (BBA-Ed) programs.

One year later in 2009, the Faculty of Education was moved to Mwika campus and continued to spearhead BEd (Arts) program.

The Diploma in Education was launched by the Mwika Bible School in 2006 in under the auspices of Tumaini University Makumira aimed at addressing the need of Christian education teachers in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania, Northern Dioceses secondary schools.

Later, a similar version of the Diploma in Education program was run as an evening program under the Directorate of Continuing Education at the Moshi Town Campus. Following the re-organizations, the BBA-Ed and Diploma in Education evening programs were placed under the Faculty of Business and Management Studies, and Directorate of Continuing Studies respectively at Moshi Town Campus.

Since its introduction the faculty has been developed a number of programs such as Master of Education (MEd), Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), Diploma in Education (DEC) and Diploma in Primary Education (DPE). The latter is one of the NACTE programs recently launched by SMMUCo.

Programs of study

Master of Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Education

Bachelor of Education (Arts)

Diploma in Education

Diploma in Early Childhood Education

Diploma in Primary Education

Programs of study in final preparations

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Existing departments under the faculty of education

At the moment the faculty has two departments namely Department of Education and Department of Humanities and Languages

Faculty leadership

Dean of Faculty: Mr. Ismael Elisali Nkya

Head of Department of Education: Mr. Jackson Towo

Head of Department of Humanities and Languages: Mr. Nathaniel Mmbaga


Aiwe Mmari

Ismael Elisali Nkya

Jackson Towo

Leonard Tarimo

Dorothea G. Ndossy

Perpetua Damian

Daniel Ambrose

Martin David Msoru

Modesta Msoffe

Nathaniel Mmbaga

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