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TUMa/SMMUCo is determined to build the society of people who are well prepared both, academically and morally as products of Christ centered institution. Students of TUMa/SMMUCo shall therefore be required to dress and keep themselves in a neat and tidy manner all the time within and outside the college as directed by this Code. Read more...


SMMUCo is home to many students and we understand how important it is to find housing. For students living on campus, you have the convenience of having classes, libraries and university facilities in your own backyard.

University's campus residence hostels provide positive living and learning experiences, including Learning environments that support learning opportunities outside the classroom. Through these learning environments, the university fosters community development, interpersonal and intrapersonal competence, relational development, critical thinking and social skills.

Off Campus Housing

We understand that finding housing in a new place can be quite an adventure. Whether a student want an apartment close to the university for an easy commute, or out a little farther with a yard for the kids, these resources can help you find a place to call home.

If you have decided to live off campus and need help deciding which area of Kilimanjaro best suits your needs, the SMMUCo Housing Unit will provide excellent descriptions of SMMUCo's various neighborhoods.

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