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TUMa/SMMUCo is determined to build the society of people who are well prepared both, academically and morally as products of Christ centered institution. Students of TUMa/SMMUCo shall therefore be required to dress and keep themselves in a neat and tidy manner all the time within and outside the college as directed by this Code. Read more...


Stefano Moshi Memorial University College (SMMUCo) is an exciting, diverse place offering countless intellectual, social, leadership and research opportunities to her students. The Office of the Dean of Students Affairs (DOSA) is here to help students navigate the complexities of campus life, to serve as an advocate and to guide to the many essential resources available at SMMUCo.

The Office of the Dean of Students encourages student development and addresses student issues and needs. Consequently, it supports meaningful out-of-classroom services, activities, and experiences.

The office of the Deans of Students functions as students' personal "search engine." We offer various services including dealing with emergencies, Outreach and advocacy for students, Coordination with relevant SMMUCo departments, Short-term emergency shelter (when available), General Consultation etc.

So much of college experience happens beyond the classroom, whether it is developing friendships in classes, studying at the Library, sharing snacks at the University Cafeteria, participating in events like the fresher's party, sports bonanza, intercampus sports.

Our goal is to support students throughout their university experience by creating a culture that engages all students and inspires them to change the world. Most students who involve in some healthy activities outside of class get more out of their college experiences. So ask all students to get involved. Students are encouraged to move beyond the comfort zone of what they did before they came to college and see what happens. Students who are involved actively in sports are also good in their study. The reasons behind are that, they have energetic body, an intelligent mind, and strong immune system. From having all of these, students tend to give full attention in class, being more discipline, and be more creative in giving ideas. Therefore, students who are able to integrate their in-classroom and out-of-classroom experiences may reap greater benefits such as achieving higher grade point averages and graduating in the year/s they spend at the university.

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