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TUMa/SMMUCo is determined to build the society of people who are well prepared both, academically and morally as products of Christ centered institution. Students of TUMa/SMMUCo shall therefore be required to dress and keep themselves in a neat and tidy manner all the time within and outside the college as directed by this Code. Read more...

Masoka  Campus:

Located at Kibosho, Moshi, Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania, East Africa, is on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, 14 km North of Moshi town.

Moshi Town Sub Campus:

The Industrial property complex formerly known as Kibo Breweries Limited, located in Block 'JJJ', Section V, Karanga Industrial Area, Moshi Municipality.

Mwika Campus:

Located in Kilimanjaro region, Moshi rural, located on the slopes of mount Kilimanjaro near Marangu.


Stefano Moshi Memorial University College
Box 881
Moshi — Kilimanjaro
Tanzania — East Africa 

Phone: E-mail:
+255 27 2757070/1 smmuco@smmuco.ac.tz
+255 27 2753720
+255 27 2757860  
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