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Faculty of Business & Management Studies

Background information

The establishment of the Faculty of Business and Management Studies in SMMUCo came out as a result of the demand in higher learning industry, following the ongoing move of the country to enter into the middle class economy. Before, SMMUCo had been offering non-degree programs at different levels. The establishment of the faculty was thus to intensify the ongoing trainings in the University College.

Currently, the Dean of faculty of Business and management Studies is Dr. Emmanuel Kileo

The faculty of Business and Management Studies has five departments:

  1. Department of Public Administration and Management
  2. Department of Community Development
  3. Department of Mass Communication
  4. Department of Finance and Accounting
  5. Department of Business Studies

Programs of study

  1. Undergraduate programs
    1. Bachelor Arts in Public Administration and Management
    2. Bachelor of Business Administration with Education
    3. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development
    4. Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication
    5. Bachelor of Arts in Accounts and Finance

  1. Diploma programs
    1. Diploma in Office Management and Secretarial Studies
    2. Diploma in Human Resources Management
    3. Diploma in Procurement and Materials Management
    4. Diploma in Accountancy and Finance
    5. Diploma in Law
    6. Diploma in Community Development
    7. Diploma in Mass Communication

  1. Certificate programs
    1. Certificate in Accounting and Finance
    2. Certificate in Procurement and Materials Management
    3. Certificate in Human Resources Management
    4. Certificate in Community Development and Social Work
    5. Certificate in Law

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